Audience Targeting

Targeting the Right Audience

Identifying and targeting the right audience via media platforms is the crux of building a successful program, particularly one targeted at a unique audience.

Utilizing a myriad of targeting approaches, Voice Media creates a custom proprietary audience targeting strategy to build customized audience segments and deploy this targeting in real time.


Primarily based on anonymous user behavior; and types of content consumed

Search keywords, and corresponding results
Items purchased and/or researched

Demographics, education, HHI, and other composition factors

International to national to DMA or Zip Code level


Digital Media Targeting Overview

  • Predictive Prospecting – Create look-a-like model built off the target audience and similar audiences – creating custom segments
  • Success actions on website help refine targeting
  • Successes tell the AI engines to find more prospects who “look alike”
  • Contextual, Semantic, Sentiment & Behavioral Targeting – uses all available data inputs at a user level to look at online behavior
  • From these specific inputs, build a pool of prospects
  • Keyword Targeting – Identify and reach users who are reading information about related topics
  • Geo-targeting – Leverages proximity targeting and latitude/longitude data to identify key areas of opportunity
  • Retargeting – retargets until prospect/patient takes “conversion” action

Multi-Screen Targeting

DRTV buying is active, sustained buying process

  • Ongoing monitoring of clearance/makegoods
  • Built-in weeks for spot make goods
  • Maximize high efficiency / high clearance weeks

Ongoing evaluation and optimization (VCR) of OTT and pre-roll tactics

Plan developed upfront to have roughly 90% final clearance