Paid Search

  • Drives highly efficient return on investment by focusing on active hand-raisers
  • Goal of appearing in 2 – 3 of every 10 searches (20 – 30% SOV), depending on category and market competition
  • Focus on full “funnel” of search activity from non-branded to branded
  • Competitively conquest at the higher funnel levels for greater efficiency
  • Includes all eligible search extensions, dependent on category/vertical

Search Reaches the Full Funnel

  • Adjusted for the specific needs of healthcare and pharma branded/non-branded
  • Work through the funnel from higher level non-branded terms (most efficient conquesting is done at higher funnel levels)
  • At lower levels, terms are highly specific to unique client offerings and/or offers
  • Branded terms are 95% directional and generate the greatest number of conversions