Our Approach

Voice Media has a unique blend and a long history of experience in advertising and marketing, with deep roots in the media industry (TV, radio and cable) at large agencies and also on the client side. Our client experience has helped us to personally understand the daily challenges that businesses face. Operational concerns, budget limitations, and staffing issues are just some of the things that need to be considered when developing marketing campaigns. We get it.

As your media placement partner, we are entrusted to effectively and sensibly invest your company’s money in advertising. We take this responsibility very seriously, treating your dollars as if they were our own. When you choose Voice Media, you choose a personal relationship, one in which we will be intimately tied to your business. We make every effort to do things right the first time, making sure the work we do will be top- line, and we maximize results with rates that give you the best value possible. We’ll give you personal attention and significant time commitment, leveraging the right software and a thorough assessment of your goals in order to execute most productive media plan based on your specific needs.

To best serve you in developing and placing your campaigns, we focus on three elements:

Strategic Planning

We research and plan the optimal combination of media components to achieve the desired result given the campaign goals, campaign message, target market, timing, market conditions and budget.


Regardless of the size of the budget, every dollar you spend is important. We are extremely focused on making sure that every dollar that you spend garners maximum value. We believe that a smart strategic plan executed with the best possible efficiency will deliver your strongest return on investment. We buy media space at a discounted rate and identify mistakes as soon as possible, giving you the highest value for your media. The primary benefit of having us working on your behalf is that we can save you considerable time and money.


The Voice Media team holds itself accountable for your success, and in turn, we hold media vendors accountable on your behalf. Getting what you pay for is a simple concept, but it is not a “given.” We employ systems at every level from placement to campaign stewardship, through reconciliation that ensure you receive the expected deliverables.